Makes traffic predictable

The Prelight System

Helps road users to avoid risk
by improving response time capabilities.
It analyzes driving behavior, generates intelligent indications, pre illuminates areas with new methods, quickly expos driving intentions of both- human
drivers & autonomous systems and makes traffic predictable. 
* A new method for example:
When lowering the foot from the accelerator pedal,
Some new vehicles, with regenerative charging, are showing a
red lights false indications-
like pressing the brakes even though there’s only a deceleration process, not braking!
We solved this issue, with our-  
Acceleration / Deceleration indicator
The Prelight System reduces the growing gap of response time between autonomous vehicles and all the other road users, especially the two-wheelers.

This is how we're reducing accidents severity or preventing them.

All types of vehicles 
have the obligation to be safer from the inside for their passengers along with the obligation, outside, for all the other road users. 
Autonomous vehicles behave different from human road users, they react immediately and faster!
Especially compared from two-wheelers. 
Human road users as 
regular vehicle drivers,
autonomous vehicles with driver independent modes,
bicycle + motorcycle riders and 
all the other road users, 
they all, with their human factor,
will continue to be a part of our landscape.

The Prelight System reduces this growing gap of response time between them

At the moment, in the age of autonomous systems,
standard vehicles indications are suffering from a lack of information and late exposure,
On highways, those differences are substantial, even more.
Are autonomous vehicles safe for their passengers inside them, or also for the other road users around? 
Will visual indications for vehicles, still remain a regulatory demand even in the autonomous era
or will they become redundant and disappear from our landscape?
Will this gap in response time
between autonomous vehicles and the rest of the other road users, along with the two-wheelers
still continue to grow? 
In last decades, the evolution of vehicles has accelerated significantly, 
however, vehicles lighting indications are just standing there.

 The language of lights will always be decisive, important to improve and a regulatory demand.

 In recent years, we’ve filed patent applications,
developed a demo prototype, a basic alpha version and are heading to a pilot with the Israeli police department.
The Prelight system was presented at the
EcomotionWeek in May 18-20.2021

At this summit in 2019 we were able to explain more about our innovations,
the importance of every tenth of a second, in high speeds or inside the city 
when visitors activated pedals by themselves and were able to understand how we monitor human &
autonomous driving in order to present it in a more detailed, preliminary and noticeable ways for all surrounding others.

The 7th Ecomotion main event exhibition:

07/19 - Innovation conference-
Israeli police department



Let’s make roads safer together 🙏