Graded yellow

Deceleration indicator





Predictable driving: 

Presents a yellow triangle warning indication, shown less than
0.10 of a Second, 

Immediately at the beginning when the accelerator starts to release,
in order indicating, deceleration intentions, human or autonomous.

Begins along with the green (and after) from a speed of 30mph (ca. 48 km/h) and up. 

– Improves other road users orientation with the help of a pre-ahead anticipating of the vehicle behavior. 

– Improves other road users perception & reaction time


Perception &  Reaction Time:

Autonomous vehicles continue to multiply,
They respond much faster than other road users and stop immediately.

Perception time:

How long will it take to see the hazard? 

Does the brain realize it is a hazard requiring an immediate reaction? 

This perception time can be as long as ¼ to ½ a second.
In cases of- Inattention, Lower concentration levels, Tiredness, Alcohol, Children in the back, Mobile distractions and more- 
Perception time becomes longer. 
Once the brain realizes danger – Only now it orders reacting!


Reaction time: 

After ending the phase of perception time- 
Now again -In cases of- Inattention, Lower concentration levels, Tiredness, Alcohol, Children in the back, Mobile distractions and more- 
It will take more time to release the accelerator pedal and move on to the brakes pedal, there for,
reaction time will become longer and needs to be improved. 


With the components of stopping distance and human factors
a delay of 1, 2, 3 and even up to 4 seconds is possible.

In a speed of 110mph (ca. 177 km/h) we can reduce at the final stopping process between 28 to 100 meters.
This way, the tailgating cars, motorcycles and other road users will more likely be able to stop in time. ​

This is how we increase road safety,
prevent accidents and
save lives !


Let’s make roads safer together 🙏

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